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JJ Prum Vintage 2014

At the Summit of German Riesling

We recently hosted a fabulous lunch with winemaker Katharina Prum and 25 of our customers at Monopole in Potts Point to launch these new releases. The wines looked fantastic and all come highly recommended from us for both immediate drinking or for many years worth of cellaring pleasure. All of the wines are due to arrive this week and they will then be available for immediate delivery or collection. Some of them, particularly the older vintages, are very limited. Cases may be mixed to receive the 'dozen bottle' price.

“No matter what kind of mood you are in, the world always seems a better place with a glass of Prüm in hand; these are gracious, charming, wines that go straight for the heart leaving you only with the desire to finish the bottle quickly, resolving to finish a second bottle more slowly and reflectively.” Stephan Reinhardt

“A mild winter, early start of vegetation, cool and rainy August, very pleasant September and another nerve-wracking harvest resulted in a very classic vintage! ... [2014] can be considered as an ideal complement to vintage 2013, which had such a focus on the Auslese category, and after an unusually high botrytised vintage, 2014 is a return to a classic vintage.” Katharina Prüm

Vineyards of Joh. Jos. Prüm:

Graacher Himmelreich
The wines of the Graacher Himmelreich often challenge those from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr, especially in hot, dry years. Coming from the latter’s neighbouring vineyard upstream, they attract with their racy acidity, a pronounced minerality and slightly different fruit aromas and flavours. Often, the wines become accessible slightly earlier than the Wehlener Sonnenuhr and are deliciously mouth-watering. Looking at the vineyard conditions, the hill faces slightly more westwards, i.e. south-west exposed, a little less steep and possess deeper soils than the Wehlener Sonnenuhr which act as excellent water reservoirs. The gradient varies from 45% - 65% and the soils – if you can call them soils – is deep weathered Devonian slate with parcels of blue slate.

Wehlener Sonnenuhr
The Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard has become intrinsically attached to the name of Joh. Jos. Prüm. The Estate owns five hectares of this majestic site – largely planted to ungrafted wines - which has very thin top soil over the purest blue slate of any Mosel vineyard (in some areas of the vineyard the plants grow out of pure rock). Riesling guru Stuart Piggott has written; “Joh Jos Prüm’s Sonnenuhrs are classic examples of the way in which the best Mosel wine’s natural sweetness magnifies, rather than obscures, their character. These are a perfect marriage of Riesling’s peach-like, floral and mineral aspects. White wine cannot be fresher, more vivid and delightful.” Wehlener Sonnenuhr has the highest pure stone content of the Prüm vineyards, and along with neighbouring Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, is the steepest of Prüm’s blue chip vineyards – a dizzying 65-70% gradient. It is also said that the forest at the top on the vineyard acts a natural water regulator.

The Wines:

Notes below by Robert McLean – Five Way Cellars.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Kabinett
Blended from across the marquee vineyards – as well as fruit from Prüm’s holdings in Graacher Domprobst, Bernkasteler Lay and Bernkasteler Bratenhöfchen. After an Auslese focused 2013 vintage it is refreshing to have some Kabinett this year. Wonderful purity and finesse, with white floral, citrus pith and citrus oil on the nose. Fresh, weightless palate with a silky, textural finish. A great introduction to the classic style of the 2014s. Delicious with the dim sum at Mr. Wong. FWC.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett
Wonderfully mineral and precise. Airy, lifted, and pure nose with green apple skin, wet stone and citrus. Ethereal and weightless with an insistent length. Minerally acidity is married to lingering fruit sweetness in the very long finish. A great example of the seemingly contradictory combination of power and delicacy that the best Mosel Rieslings possess. The perfect foil for simply cooked calamari with chilli and coriander. This was tasted alongside the 2012 vintage, which still appeared youthful but was considerably more open and generous than the 2014. FWC.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett
This is regarded as the flagship Prum vineyard and already at Kabinett level there is greater ripeness and density to the fruit. Alongside fresh citrus there is also peach, white peach, green apple and spiced apple. Beneath the fruit (for now) is wet stone minerality and tightly wound cleansing acidity. Delicious now with savoury seafood or white meat dishes, it will be a couple of years before this really starts to sing. FWC.

As is so often the case at the time of Prüm releases, this is the Prädikat level that is showing the best now. There is obviously more weight here than the Kabinett level wines, though not necessarily more overt sweetness. Rather it is a question of the wines having more power and therefore being able to stand up to richer food. As is befitting a ‘classic’ vintage, we have a Spätlese release from all of the four vineyards from 2014. The Graacher Himmelreich is very “Graach” showing racy, ruby grapefruit and nutmeg spice, filigree elegance and class. The Wehlener Sonnenuhr is much denser, more closed and more rock hewn than the Graacher at this stage. The classic stone fruits lurk beneath the surface waiting to explode with time. There’s also nut oil complexity and a rocky, powdery minerality. The finish is long. Just classic Prüm. Then there is the 2009, a late bottled museum release from Graacher which is still young but obviously is a more open, textural, pulpy and complex drinking experience. Silky, pure and mineral. To be clear, this is not the same bottling that we shipped five years ago, but rather is a wine that was held in tank and only recently bottled. The last time a wine was bottled this late at Prüm was 1998! Hopefully the family don’t wait this long until they try it again. The wine is brilliant. Note that the label is exactly the same as the ‘early bottled’ 2009, only the “AP” number on the side of the bottle is different. Again, this level is for savoury foods only.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese
Quite aromatically reserved at this point, with some citrus and green apple to the fore with wet stone and blackcurrant in support. Marked minerality, a silky, satiny texture and a finish that goes on and on hold great promise for the future. This is restrained and tightly coiled and ideally wants another couple of years to be open for business. FWC.

2009 Joh Jos Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese (Very Limited)
WOW! Incredible what a transformation a handful of years makes. Still very youthful with an extravagantly floral nose – white flowers, citrus and orange blossom – spring in a glass. There is kaffir lime leaf and citrus oil as well as a core of riper white stone fruit. All the elements have combined into a beautifully harmonious wine. If this is any indication Katharina should start bottling more wines this late. Very limited. FWC.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese
This is quite open for a young Wehlener. The fruit is here is ripe and exotic with stone fruit, pineapple, brown lime and kaffir lime leaf. The additional weight and depth of fruit is kept in perfect harmony by the long, chalky acid line. Served with gently steamed snapper with ginger, a delicious reminder of just how well these wines match with Asian flavours. FWC.

The Auslese level at J.J. Prüm does not necessarily taste sweeter - they naturally have more acidity to match the higher ripeness levels - however they are certainly more powerful. They are too fine for very sweet desserts (although they can work with delicate, fruit based desserts), and are better matched with a wide range of savoury dishes such as pork, game bird or spiced meats. They also work brilliantly with a very wide range of dishes including savoury tarts, game bird, roast chicken, all kinds of sausages and dishes based on pork or venison. Terrific with a wide range of cheeses too. The style remains ultra-pure and ultra fine.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese
Quite complex with green apple (both fresh and lightly stewed with brown Christmas spices), red apple skin, and white strawberry. Looks more chiselled and honed on the palate with gunflint minerality, beautiful purity and sappy length. Noticeable increase in power and fruit weight but not sweetness. Once again, this will open up considerably in time. FWC.

2004 Joh Jos Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese (Very Limited)
From a vintage that was extremely closed upon release – this is now right in the slot. Still youthful straw in colour, loaded with exotic, spicy fruit. Smells golden and sun-kissed, with honeyed edges to the mix of stone fruits and grilled peach and marmalade. There are savoury layers of frangipani tart and marzipan, and the wine seems dryer with age with the fruit and acid now completely intertwined. One of the top wines of the tasting – delicious with a very savoury, umami-rich mushroom dish. FWC.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese
Fresh, lifted, incredibly pure and focused. Full of a vast variety of spiced stone fruits – white and yellow peach, nectarine, and under-ripe apricot. There is a citrus lift and ample minerality to buffer this weight of fruit. Just incredible focus and latent power in the mouth. There is a silky, sappy feel to the long finish with layers of fruit, acid and minerality rippling on and on. Delicious. FWC.

Auslese Goldkapsel
Katharina Prüm explains the Goldkapsel wines in this way: “Think of them as limited edition, rather small production lots of the best Auslese of a vintage. They are made from stronger selected grapes containing higher concentrated juice, usually affected by a certain amount of botrytis/noble rot, capable of aging even remarkably longer than “basic” Auslesen, lasting for many decades. In the course of time, they lose some of their sweetness, gain more and more elegance and harmony and the complex profile and depth come to the forefront.” These extraordinary wines live and evolve for many decades. They can certainly work with appropriately matched desserts (ideally fruit based) but are even better with savoury dishes and cheeses. You can throw anything at them, red meat included. They are far more versatile than most dry whites and certainly more than all red wine styles. These are, as the name clearly suggests, designated by a golden capsule. They are some of the most revered Rieslings on the planet.

2011 Joh Jos Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese GOLDKAPSEL
Prum at its best. Only a few years older than the wine below but these three added years in bottle have brought the wine to life. What is immediatelty noticable is the palate weight and concentration of flavours that grace the palate. There is some (only just noticable) colour development too and a hugely aromatic nose just leaping out of of the glass. White florals, crunchy spices with ginger and lime zest, the palate is singing with power and complxity. High-toned acid runs effortlessly through the wine taking it longer than one can imagine. 2011 was a warmer year and as a result the fruit ripened more easily and the wines today are quite forward and generous. This will last for decades but is drinking almost suprisingly well already. This has classic J.J Prum written all over it. FWC.

2014 Joh Jos Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Auslese GOLDKAPSEL
This is presently very tightly coiled and reserved. The fruit is inward looking but very concentrated and powerful, with an array of stonefruit, custard apple and a hint of red cherry. The fruit has a wonderfully savoury character, with cooked ginger and earthy spice notes. White flowers and bright honeysuckle offer great freshness. Deep, long, complex and layered. The power and balance on display here must be seen to be believed. Extremely limited. FWC.

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Larmandier-Bernier Longitude 1er Cru Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs NV Vertus Champagne
Single Bottle: $95.00  
Dozen Bottle Price $85.00
If you thought the champagnes of many large houses were dry, Larmandier – Bernier will change your thinking. These wines are very dry with little or no dosage (4 gms in this wine). The nose shows very fine minerals, citrus and a touch of salt spray. It’s a long clean, aperitif style, refreshing, chalky and minerally; yet with unexpected depth and Chablis like notes. FWC.

The accolades keep on coming – La Revue de Vin de France magazine in it’s November 2015 issue has just ranked Larmandier in the top four wine growers in Champagne. Purity of white peach and preserved lemon is impressive, with the complexity and depth of a lesser vintage base already building spicy notes of toast and fig. As always, it is the tremendous minerality of these terroirs that is most impressive, gliding long and seamless from start to finish. A complex and creamy blanc de blancs of great depth upholding lively acid tension on a very long finish. 95 points, Tyson Stelzer, The Champagne Guide 2014-2015 

Pol Roger Brut Vintage 2004 Epernay Champagne
Was: $145.00 Single Bottle: $130.00
Dozen Bottle Price $115.00
Pol Roger owns 200 acres of vineyards and has cellars that extend over 4 miles on 2 levels and is one of only a few Grande Marque Champagne houses that remains family owned and operated. The cooler than the norm cellars “slows the second fermentation, encouraging a finer mousse or bubbles.” Pol Roger owns close to 50% of the vineyards used for their Champagne production and grapes are sourced exclusively from premier and grand cru vineyards that rate at an average of 95 points on the Échelle des Crus classification system.

For decades one of Australia’s darlings, and mine too. The usual Pol blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay, it spent eight years on tirage. Gleaming straw-green, it has remarkable drive, intensity and freshness to its white stone fruits, grilled cashews and spices, the aftertaste endless, the future in bottle almost as long. 97 Points. James Halliday’s Top 100 2015, Weekend Australian. 


Prestige Champagne Offer – October 2015



Single Bottle Price Was: $300
Single Bottle Price Now: $250
Six-Pack Bottle Price Now: $220
***Last stock of the outstanding 2004 vintage***
“Super-racy, elegant and mineral driven. This is a taut, focused style of Dom Pérignon that stands apart from the more boisterous 2002 and 2003” - Antonio Galloni , The Robert Parker Board

“Energy, Precision, Drive” - Tyson Stelzer

“On the palate, the wine instantly traces an astoundingly fine line between density and weightlessness... The full taste lingers with the utmost elegance on a sappy, spicy note” - Luxury Insider Magazine, 13th June 2013

“The Dom Pérignon 2004 vintage has all of the elements of the house, with its final note, this complexity that is so characteristic of its minerality” - Millesima UK, 16th June 2013

“When you taste it, it opens up easily into something that is initially rather extroverted. Then the whole thing is gradually channeled, focused, gliding between density and weightlessness. Then a seamless crescendo narrows down to the finish, moving gradually to the gravitas; an expression of the dark minerality: toast, smoke, iodine, something serene, salient and striking. Then there are the more luminous characters of the fruit itself. The dark is from the maturation in the cellars, but the luminous powers of flavour are from the fruit. It’s not overly ripe; pear characters with a hint of the vegetal and the honeyed; sweet spice and white pepper.” – Dom Perignon Chef de cave Richard Geoffroy.

“A short name for the largest (by far) of the deluxe cuvees, with an unknown (but huge) number of components adding up to 52% pinot noir and 48% chardonnay. Free of taint, it sends shivers up the spine, shimmering in its purity and intensity, citrus the first and last flavours with nectarine, pear and spice on the mid-palate. 98 Points” James Halliday, Top 100 Wines, Weekend Australian.

Single Bottle Price Was: $300
Single Bottle Price Now: $250
Six-Pack Bottle Price Now: $220

“The year 2005 was full of contrasts. The weather was mostly warm, with little rain. A heatwave in August was followed by cool, rainy weather in September, tempering our initial enthusiasm. In the end, a drastic selection in the vineyard ensured a limited volume of exceptional quality, with never-before-seen aromatic maturity. The wine’s remarkably rich bouquet reveals itself in successive waves: first the intense fruit, more black than red, which then melts into silvery minerality. Notes of praline and coriander complement the whole. The wine has a strong character and a powerful presence – there is even something physical about it. Overall, it is structured, focused, firm and dense. Its intriguingly spicy, floral finish remains present in each sip.” – Dom Perignon Chef de cave Richard Geoffroy.

"The 2005 Dom Pérignon opens with the classic Dom Pérignon bouquet. Warm toasty notes meld into expressive fruit in a supple, silky Champagne endowed with stunning depth, nuance and complexity. Sweet floral notes add lift as the wine opens up in the glass. Overall, the 2005 is a relatively delicate, gracious DP, but what it lacks in depth it more than makes up with persistence and its open, totally inviting personality. Today it's hard to see the 2005 making old bones, but it is a gorgeous wine to drink while the 2004 ages. In 2005, the release is scheduled to last about six months, which means production is down around 50% over normal levels. All I can say is the 2005 is fabulous, especially in a vintage that required considerable sorting to eliminate rampant rot in the Pinots. 95 points." – Antonio Galloni.

Single Bottle Price Was: $260
Single Bottle Price Now: $199
Six-Pack Bottle Price Now: $180

The cuvee – uncompromising quality. The Star of La Champagne is composed by only the best crus: 64% Pinot Noir grapes from the Grand Crus of Ay, in the Grand Vallee de la Marne, and at Verzenay, Verzy, Ambonnay and the Montage de Reims. 36% Chardonnay grapes from the three Grand Crus: Avize, Oger and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger in the Cote des Blancs.

“A magical wine, refined and stylish, with piercing aromas of citrus and smoky/toasty pinot, a hint of mushroom and even Vegemite. Rich, full palate with profound, powerful flavor. Endless aftertaste of great harmony. Now to 6 years. 98/100.”
Huon Hooke, Good Living Wine, Tuesday, May 29, 2012

“This is an awesome wine of great complexity, composed of 61% pinot noir and 39% chardonnay virtually entirely Grand Crus. Disgorged late 2011, it has grown another leg over the past 18 months, its array of mouthfilling peach, apple and grapefruit flavours given texture by contrasting notes of cream, brioche and mineral advancing through the long travel in the mouth. 97 Points”
James Halliday, Top 100 Wines, Weekend Australian, November 16-17, 2013

Single Bottle Price Was: $109
Single Bottle Price Now: $99
Six-Pack Bottle Price Now: $89

'While it is most recognised for its Blanc de Blancs, this is a blend of 54% pinot noir, 40% chardonnay and 6% pinot meunier. It is a fascinating exercise in balance, for while its dosage is 8g/l, its elevage is as precisely controlled as Billecart-Salmon, oxygen (no casks here) being excluded at all stages, leaving the wine with bright, crisp mouthfeel. Top aperitif style. 94 Points.' – James Halliday, Top 100 Wines, Weekend Australian.

Single Bottle Price Was: $120
Single Bottle Price Now: $110
Six-Pack Bottle Price Now: $105

“95 Points. Panaiotis' aim in this young blend is ‘to capture the light of Champagne’, the elegance and freshness of chardonnay. The wine articulates its philosophy vividly, driven by pure lemon fruit and delicate citrus blossoms. In younger disgorgements, there's a wonderful hint of struck flint, harking to the reductive nature of the house. A beautifully fresh and electric style of stunning persistence and linearity, giving voice to the full and gentle minerality of the premier crus of the Cote des Blancs.' – Tyson Stelzer, The Champagne Guide 2014-2015

Single Bottle Price: $99
Case Price: $89

A very exciting grower producer Champagne. Visited in June 2010, Pascal & Fabrice Agrapart are producing beautifully crafted wines from their vineyards. This striking biodynamic Champagne is a blend of four grand cru sites in the Cote des Blancs; Oger, Cramant, Oiry and Avise. Chardonnay from the villages of Avise is classically quite powerful and one finds fruit from Avise in famous prestige Champagnes produced by the larger houses.

Very fresh and crisp on the nose with tight lemon, chalky mineral, light nutty biscuit notes. The wines spend 4 years on lees with a low dosage of six grams per litre. This wine is a great embarrassment to the non vintage wines of several of the large houses. Highly recommended. FWC

“93 Points. A crafted and honed blanc de blancs of crystalline purity, embedded deep in chalk soils that speak articulately through long-lingering, chalky minerality. Linear purity of lemon, white peach, grapefruit pith and vanilla follow a seamless line into a dry finish of beautiful elegance and restrained dosage.” – Tyson Stelzer, The Champagne Guide 2014-2015

The Summer of Riesling

Crawford River Riesling 2014
Henty South West Victoria
Single Bottle: $48.00
Dozen Bottle Price $42.00
If you have the opportunity to taste this and the Young Vines it is essential you taste the Young Vines first, and rhapsodise about it before moving onto this wine, because its sheer intensity and extreme length are in the realm of the gods and their ambrosia and nectar. This is a dry Riesling equivalent of Tokaji Essencia. Rating 97 To 2039. James Halliday, Wine Companion 2016.  


Sorrenberg Chardonnay 2014
Beechworth Victoria
Single Bottle: $65.00
Dozen Bottle Price $59.00
The tiny 2.5 hectare Sorrenberg vineyard – planted on granite soils in the elevated hills of Beechworth – consistently produces one of Australia’s best Chardonnays. The 2014 is a stellar rendition & a superb follow up to the 2013. Attractive from the outset with white stone fruits, cashew & Brazil nuts, meal, creamed honey & crème fraiche. The palate is a mix of the above adding structure, poise & layer after layer of fruit. The power and richness of the fruit is carried by an undertow of mineral like acidity that takes the wine into a complex, long finish. With the 2014 Barry & Jan Morey reaffirm the position in the very top echelon of Australian Chardonnay. Drink now to 2022. Don’t miss it. FWC. 

Holyman Chardonnay 2014
Tamar Valley Tasmania
Single Bottle: $54.00
Dozen Bottle Price $48.00
We were extremely impressed by Joe’s latest release when we tried it only two weeks ago; so much so that we decided on the spot that we had to feature the wine here in our Christmas catalogue for 2015. Sitting somewhere in the middle between big and rich and light and crisp, the wine is a seamless mix of dry nuttiness (think cashew and almond) and ripe stone fruits; nectarine, peach plus a bit of melon. Subtle hints of vanilla extract poke through, gained from the oak influence whilst clean acid tightens the wine right up giving it drive and precision. The balance is perfect and we are sure our customers will love it. This is drinking so well now that there is no real need to hold on to it for a while, however if you do, it will continue to develop and evolve over the mid-term (5-8 years). FWC.  

Best Value Producer - Wickhams Road

Wickhams Road Chardonnay 2015
Gippsland Victoria
Single Bottle: $20.00
Dozen Bottle Price $18.00
From fruit grown at Nar Nar Goon in Gippsland in the cool, dry 2015 vintage. Fruit is whole bunch pressed into old oak, where it rests on lees for 6 months. Shows white peach, a little meal and flaked almond, with fruit weight and depth rarely encountered at this price. Dry and savoury yet with lingering fruit sweetness and citrus lift. One to buy by the dozen. This wine over delivers big time – it’s the best value for money chardonnay on the market. FWC.

Wickhams Road Pinot Noir 2015
Yarra Valley Victoria
Single Bottle: $20.00
Dozen Bottle Price $18.00
Should you buy these 2015 Wickhams Road Pinots, don’t rush into drinking them. Leave them alone for a while. Well, maybe try one, but give it some air first. Their price belies their quality and cellaring credentials, but comes as a result of their early release. Or something like that. Such a young and barely formed wine, though you can see its potential. Just released. Sourced from a dry grown vineyard near Healesville. Predominantly older barrels with 15% new oak. Spicy and floral – red and black cherry fruit with some forest floor, rhubarb and brown spices adding complexity. Excellent depth and length at this price. Surprisingly complex and persistent. Once again, the best value Pinot in the shop. Ian Cook, FWC. 

Raspberry, subtle floral perfume, light dusting of pepper and spice with some leaf litter far in the background. Light to medium bodied, bell clear acidity, fine powdery tannin gives it shape, and the finish is very clean, long and red fruited. Has great deal of charm, and delicacy. Will become a kick-yourself-I-should-have-bought-more-wine in a handful of years. Campbell Mattinson, Winefront. 

Pinot noir

Kooyong Ferrous Pinot Noir 2013
Mornington Peninsula Victoria
Single Bottle: $79.00
Dozen Bottle Price $72.00

There’s some raunch to this wine. It’s firm, powerful, bold and ablaze with spice, undergrowth and fruit. It fills the mouth, the nose, the aftertaste. Long ropes of tannin, filled with botanicals, helps leave a lasting impression. So too steely, sea-weedy characters. Warm, muscular pinot noir. Of excellent quality. 95 points. Campbell Mattinson, Winefront, 12th July 2015.

Promises a big story from the outset, all showy oak and velvety fruit, but once the opening number has died down a web of finer details is revealed, and there the mesmerising begins. This needs a little time but it has tight sleeves and all the right cards tucked therein. Plums, cherries, steel, spice, polished cedar wood and subtle foresty elements. It’s long, fine and more simply, fantastic to spend time with. Would be a welcome guest at dinner anytime. 96 points. James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion 2016.

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2013
Martinborough New Zealand
Single Bottle: $89.00
Dozen Bottle Price $79.00
2013’s season has been described as the best in three decades, and the vines of Ata Rangi’s signature wine, now up to 35 years old themselves, have responded magnificently. Long, warm days and correspondingly cool nights cemented the fineness of tannins, and added brightness and tension to the acidity. Enticing floral aromas of star anise, crushed red rose, violets and succulent raspberry meld with savoury notes of sandalwood and orris root. Tension and vibrancy on the entry, with a compelling mid palate of fine layered tannins flowing through to a seamless, mineral quality on the finish. 

Benjamin Leroux Bourgogne Rouge 2013
Burgundy France
Single Bottle: $70.00
Dozen Bottle Price $60.00
Stelvin. As per the Bourgogne blanc, Leroux always aims to seriously over deliver here. So here is a Bourgogne Rouge composed entirely of villages and 1er cru wines! Leroux declassifies these wines because a) otherwise he would have no Bourgogne rouge to sell and b) he hasn’t found any Bourgogne AOC source that can deliver the kind of quality he is looking for. 2013’s wine is drawn from Santenay villages (50%) plus parcels from Santenay 1er cru Commes and Savigny alongside a soupçon of Morey-Saint-Denis. As Leroux’s entire cache of Savigny-lès-Beaune was declassified into this Bourgogne (see below), we effectively have a Santenay-Savigny blend, and it certainly shows in the layered depth and pedigreed complexity of the wine. The 2013 Bourgogne offers delicious layers of dark cherry, plum, anise and savoury dried herb, fruit some powdery grip and terrific depth. A wine that is Bourgogne in name only.

“An expressive nose offers up aromas of red berries, earth and a lovely floral hint. There is surprisingly good richness for a wine at this level and fine complexity as well to the suave and very round flavors that deliver fine length and balance.” 86-88 points, Allen Meadows, Burghound, Issue 58

Fragrant &  juicy red fruits abound here, wrapped over a vibrant & seductive palate, Very pure & textural, with a delicious weight/length ratio, before a sappy, smooth finish. There is a class & quality factor here not normally associated with this level. Don’t miss it – Todd Slater

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Best rose

St Andrieu Rose 2013
Cotes De Provence France
Single Bottle: $27.00
Dozen Bottle Price $24.00
It’s interesting to see many of France’s best vignerons being attracted to its south: Jean-Paul and Nancy Gignon of St Julien’s Chateau Talbot have transformed the winery and vineyards of Domaine St Andrieu in the Var. It’s directly north of Toulon in the foothills of the Alps, at an elevation of 380 metres. The rose, which bears the Cotes de Provence appellation, is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault that is clean, lively and pure with restrained savoury characters and a wonderful refreshing dry finish. Once again our favourite drinking Rose from Provence. FWC.

“a gem in a landscape of Liquorlands”
(Sydney Magazine, Jan 08)

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Autumn has arrived with a welcome change in temperatures, eating and drinking! Our latest brochure is online. Frankland Estate features this month, as do a few notable shirazes and pinots. And the next round of Wine Workshops will kick off in April. Please call or email for more details or to make a booking. Places are limited.

Ata Rangi Offer and Tasting

Tasting Thursday evening June 9th 5-7.30pm with head winemaker Helen Masters.

Please join us Thursday evening for a tasting of our favourite New Zealand wine producer, Ata Rangi. The wines below are offered to our customers and all will be open on the night.

"This stunning estate makes the most revered Pinot Noir in New Zealand" Matthew Jukes, MoneyWeek, March 2013.

"...the long-serving, dedicated team behind Ata Rangi just go from strength to strength. Their Pinots have always been great and yet, even in a world where the Pinot benchmark gets higher very year, Ata Rangi is better than ever." Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW,, April 2013.

"The fact that Ata Rangi makes one of the country’s finest examples of pinot noir can sometimes shift the spotlight from their world-class chardonnay. Sophisticated wine that can equal the best anywhere.” Bob Campbell MW, Taste, March 2015.

2015 Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc
92 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $32
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $28
A little skin contact here, smells of ripe pear fruits as well as some bright tropical lemon citrus, melon and other tropical fruits, the palate is big on pineapple and passion fruit flavor, peachy through the finish. Drink now. - Nick Stock |, Jan. 2016

Ata Rangi ‘Lismore’ Pinot Gris 2015
19+/20 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $48
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $42
Bright and very pale coloured. This is firm and tight on nose with refreshing, concentrated white stonefruit, floral and mineral aromas. Taut and still bound up. Dry to taste, but unfolding rich fruit. This has real depth and concentration, the flavours of stonefruits and flinty minerals unfolding layers of detail and interest. Crisp acidity, and poised on palate, the linearity and power is startling. This has plenty to show over the next 4+ years. Is this the best Ata Rangi Pinot Gris yet? Partial wild yeast ferment, in small stainless and 20% in puncheons to 14% alc. and 5 grams per litre residual sugar. – Rymond Chan.

2014 Ata Rangi Petrie Chardonnay
93 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $42
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $35
This is a real gem. Pristine fruit is the hero but the wine is stylishly enhanced by subtle infusion of oak. Aromas of stone fruit, lemon peel, rockmelon, and hints of vanilla and cashew lead to a concentrated palate that is richly textured and elegantly fruited, brilliantly framed by bright acidity. The finish is superbly long and creamy. Already a charmer with a potential to develop greater complexity. At its best: now to 2020. - Sam Kim | Wine Orbit, Sept 2015,

2014 Ata Rangi Craighall Chardonnay
95 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $69
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $63
375ml Single Bottle Price: $42
375ml Dozen Bottle Price: $38
This is elegant and seductive, yet there is a powerful engine driving the concentrated fruit and layers of complex flavours. The bouquet is inviting, engaging and intriguing with aromas of white stone fruit, rockmelon, nougat and brioche, with hints of vanilla and cedar. Wonderful weight and harmony. Stunning composure and finish. At its best: 2016 to 2024. - Sam Kim | Wine Orbit, Sept 2015,

2014 Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir
94 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $38
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $34
375ml Single Price: $25
375ml Dozen Price: $21
Single Magnum Price: $99
Dozen Magnum Price: $89
Ripe, fragrant, stylish and satisfying, this is a serious and delectable pinot. The complex bouquet shows red/black cherry, truffle, dried herb and floral characters, which lead to a finely textured palate that delivers elegant power, as well as soothing mouthfeel, all beautifully wrapped in polished tannins. This has a strong Ata Rangi hallmark and stands very proud on its own. At its best: 2016 to 2024. - Sam Kim | Wine Orbit, Sept 2015,

2014 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir
19.5/20 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $99
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $89
375ml Single Bottle Price: $50
375ml Dozen Bottle Price: $46
Single Magnum Price: $220
Dozen Magnum Price: $200
Full, even, black-hued ruby-red with youthful purple tints. The nose is very full with softly concentrated and layered aromas of rich, ripe, dark red berries and cherries along with nuances of dark red plums entwined with fragrant violet florals, fresh herb and spicy detail. The aromatics blossom to reveal notes of raspberry liqueur, earth and minerals. This exudes richness allied to elegance and finesse. Medium-full bodied, vibrantly succulent and lusciously sweet fruit flavours of dark red berry and cherry fruit are harmoniously melded with flavours of ripe dark plums and fragrant violet florals, dark herbs, spices and red liquorice. The flavours are seamlessly mouthfilling and supported by refined, flowery tannin extraction, and enlivened by poised acidity. This has drive, energy and fine linearity, and the wine carries to a very long and sustained, rich finish of spiced cherries and raspberry liqueur. This is a beautifully rich and succulent, elegantly balanced and refined Pinot Noir with seamless-flowing, ripe flavours of dark berry and cherry fruit with complexing floral and herbal detail. Match with duck, pork, beef and lamb dishes over the next 7-10 years. Fruit from the oldest parcels, 40% Abel clone with the remainder clones 5, Dijon and 10/5, indigenous yeast fermented with 25% whole bunches to 14.0% alc., the wine spending 20-26 days on skins and aged 11 months in 35% new French oak barrels. Apr 2016. - Raymond Chan | Raymond Chan Wine Reviews, April 2016

2013 Ata Rangi Celebre
95 Points
750ml Single Bottle Price: $49
750ml Dozen Bottle Price: $44
Merlot (55%), Syrah (35%) and Cabernet Sauvignon. Robust yet elegant red wine with dark berry fruits, violet, cedar and spice flavours. A firm backbone of fine tannins offers structure and longevity without being too much of a barrier at this early stage. The best Celebre I can recall tasting. Drink 2015-2023. - Bob Campbell | Bob's Wine Reviews, June 2015

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Frankland Estate

I recently attended a new release Frankland Estate tasting labelled REFINED & REDEFINED. The new generation have taken over the wine making over the past six years (Hunter Smith & Brian Kent) and I must say, this is the best release of Frankland Estate wines ever. The work in the vineyard is endless, certified organic in 2010. In the winery, subtle changes with longer, cooler ferments and more time on lees for the Rieslings has definitely lifted quality. As well as the three wines featured below, the Estate Riesling & Poison Hill Riesling are also outstanding. I recommend these wines highly. Ian Cook, FWC.

The following wines will all be open for tasting:

Single Bottle Price: $29.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $26.00
With aromas of white citrus flower and blossom this wine starts with alluring appeal. A lovely combination of lime, bath salts and spice makes its way to a generosity of fruit. The richness of fruit flows across the palate highlighting the textural focus of the wine whilst the presence of acidity alludes to the impeccable balance this dry but fruit driven Riesling has in store. Consistent with the now well-established single vineyard Rieslings from Frankland Estate, this wine displays the balance of pristine fruit flavours and laser-like acidity, resulting in an exceptional wine that can be enjoyed now or cellared with confidence. It will continue to develop further complexity for many years to come.

Single Bottle Price: $42.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $38.00
“Buckle in for the perfume. Gushing out of the glass with floral scents, rose water, ripe citrus, steel and slate, sweet appley notes. Riotous. Succulent. Clean. Long in flavour, bristling with fine acidity but undoubtedly yummy with gentle sweetness and that comely, slippery texture. Finishes with a little chalkiness and steely zing. Simply super. 95 Points.” Mike Bennie, The Wine Front.

Single Bottle Price: $42.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $38.00
“Steel, pot pourri, citrus peel, citrus peel, citrus juice scents and a dash of savoury spice. Glorious acidity feels like a light line of citrusy tang in pools of succulent, appley fruit. Overall, the wine is trim and taut in the palate but feels like it softens and becomes supple through the finish. Amazing texture really, inviting, yet structured. This really drives home the prestige of this wine. 94 Points.” Mike Bennie, Wine Front, 16th February 2016.

The Isolation Ridge Vineyard, first planted in 1988, has been certified organic since 2010, and is producing some of the best Riesling in Australia. The 2015 vintage is one of the best ever. With warm days and cool nights this hardy vineyard with relatively tough soils of ironstone gravel over clay is perfect for slowly ripening the Riesling grape to allow maximum flavour development while maintaining high natural acidity. The wine itself – very pale in colour, with intensely zesty lemon lime notes, but not as lean as previous vintages. Definitely more weight in the middle palate from a longer slower ferment than in the past plus six months on lees. Certainly paying homage to some of the favourite German & Austrian producers. Purity, intensity and balance is the essence of this wine. A dozen of this one is headed into the cellar. Ian Cook, FWC.

Single Bottle Price: $42.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $38.00
The same conditions that are perfect for Riesling seem to work extremely well to make classic cool climate Shiraz – very Rhone like – maybe a top producer in Cornas perhaps! To my mind the best Shiraz Frankland has ever made. Ripe spiced plum and raspberry, lots of juice in the middle palate wrapping around a spine of savoury brown spices with a lick of pepper and long fine acidity and tannin. You really see the ironstone in the soil poking through. It is medium bodied yet deceptively powerful. Drink now or cellar for a decade. Highly recommended. Ian Cook, FWC.

. “This is Syrah-like; spicy and medium-bodied, elegant and beautifully poised. I can’t recall a better Shiraz from this vineyard. It’s a modern iteration of Aussie Shiraz, classy and stylish, fine and long on the palate. Cellar: 2-18 years.” Gourmet Traveller Wine, February 2016

Single Bottle Price: $52.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $46.00
Olmo’s Reward is named after Dr Harold Olmo, the Californian viticulturist who first identified the potential of the Frankland River region to produce premium wines. Dubbed the “Bordeaux from the Bush” it is a blend of traditional Bordeaux varieties in which Cabernet Franc(66%) and Malbec (27%) are the dominant components with Cabernet Sauvignon (7%) playing a minor supporting role. This wine has taken some time to evolve – there used to be quite a lot of Merlot in the blend – now as you can see it’s been dropped and the wine is all the better for it. Hunter Smith & Brian Kent share the winemaking and believe 2013 is the best vintage ever for Cabernet Franc in the region. The franc gives “darkness & depth” with a beautiful perfume of violets. Eat your heart out St Emilion. Absolutely delightful nose of violets, tea leaf, blue fruits and spicy notes – really floral aromatics. The palate is powerful, yet fresh and elegant – lots of plum and crunchy blue fruits, violets and crushed earth. A real cracker – drink now and for up to 20 years. Ian Cook, FWC.

Espanola Autumn 2016

Our latest Spanish wines brochure is available!

Spanish whites, reds, sherries, cava, with a very strong showing by organic producers. Includes our wine of the month, LA PURISIMA ESTIO TINTO 2014, a knockout value at just $16 or even better just $14 by the dozen.


James Halliday describes Clonakilla’s Shiraz Viognier as “an icon wine, one of the best in Australia”. Jeremy Oliver lists it among his “Perfect 1s”. Langton’s Andrew Caillard described it as “one of the most important advances in the development of Australian Shiraz since the release of 1952 Penfolds Grange Hermitage”. The story of this iconic wine has spanned generations.

With 4 trophies at the 2015 Canberra Regional Wine Show, the 2015 Riesling is taking a little of the spotlight away from the outstanding 2014 Shiraz Viognier.

“The first of Canberra's 2015 vintage whites flowing onto the market gives us an opportunity to judge the merits of a much-loved season. As the last of the grapes rolled in earlier this year, Ken Helm declared, "The 2015 has outdone even 2013. It ticked every box and is the best across all varieties". And Clonakilla's Tim Kirk wrote of "perfect ripening conditions". Kirk's 2015 Riesling could be the finest of the 40 vintages made to date. Very young Rieslings tend not to reveal all their fruit flavours and take many months, sometimes years, to flourish. However, the 2015 already reveals great purity and intensity. It's clearly of gold-medal standard and may well earn five-star rating in the months and years ahead. 96 points.” Chris Shanahan, Good Food.

“Viognier Nouveau brings you Viognier at its freshest. Fermented in stainless steel and bottled early, this wine captures the vibrancy of the Viognier fruit in all its youthful glory. Heaps of flavour without heaviness. Drink it now.” Clonakilla.

One of the best value for money reds on the market. I highly recommend this wine for drinking and cellaring. 2014 is one of the best vintages ever. Ian Cook

Deep crimson-purple; unlike the colour, the moderate alcohol gives no clue about the wine which is full to the brim with saturnine black fruits, the tannins part of the wine’s DNA; says Tim Kirk on the back label ‘Ten years in a cool cellar would do it no harm at all’; my only question is what about 20 years? Rating 95 To 2034.” James Halliday, Wine Companion 2016

“Tim Kirk describes this as the ripest, blackest Hilltops shiraz ‘since the epic 2009’. Licorice, black cherries, a noticeable hint of viognier, a gentle lift of mint. This is a soft, generous wine, but with the balance and tannin to see it mature for many a year. If you’ve enjoyed Clonakilla’s Hilltops Shiraz in the past, this one’s a no-brainer. If you’ve never tried it; this would be a good place to start. 93+ Points.” Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front.

“Sean O’Riada is one of the heroes of modern Ireland. A talented musician and composer, he is credited with taking traditional Irish music out of the kitchens and pubs of Ireland and putting it on the concert stages of the world. He died, prematurely, in 1971, the year Clonakilla was established by John Kirk. He was John’s cousin. October frost, November hail, a late-January heat wave and April rain: 2014 was a vintage of extremes. The O’Riada is made from fruit picked from our estate vineyard and other carefully selected sites in Murrumbateman and Hall. It’s a quintessential Canberra Shiraz. Look for elegant floral aromas, red berries and plenty of spice.” Clonakilla.

“In pure drinking terms – that is, unless you’re looking to on-sell at some stage – Clonakilla’s O’Riada Shiraz is where the smart money is being spent when buying Clonakilla reds.” Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front.

“The bright hue and perfumed bouquet run true to type for this modern classic, setting the bar for the co-fermented blend several years ago. It has a set of flavours that are unique, and can fool even expert tasters in blind tastings; its cross-thatched flavours (not textures) need careful navigation. Rating: 96. To: 2034.” James Halliday, Wine Companion 2016

“The remarkable run of Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier continues. This release has a long life ahead. It’s so firm, so long, and has lots of meat on its bones. It’s savoury and peppery, essentially, but bursts too with black, ripe, soy-infused berries and thick ribs of tannin. One thing it is not is sweet; though it compensates with abundant perfume. A roasted, nut-like character appears right there on the finish, like a glyph. Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier usually drinks well from the day of release; this one needs a little cellar time. 95 points.” Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front.

“Rose petals and more rose petals – fragrant dark cherry too. The palate is so opulent and supple, with almost unbelievable length and finesse. In vintages like 08, 09 and the triumvirate 2012-14 there is a Côte-Rôtie coolness and fragrance about the Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier that I haven’t noticed in other Shiraz from Murrumbateman. Is it due to site, mesoclimate, picking time, clonal selection, viognier, whole bunch? All six? Whatever the reason, the Canberra district takes pride in one of the shining stars of Australian red wine. More than 20 vintages prove the point, and although there is already an aura of brilliance around Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier, this star is still in its ascendancy.” Lester Jesberg, Winewise.


Single Bottle Price: $79
Dozen Bottle Price $71
Made from grape spirit. Each botanical is separately vapour-distilled and then blended. The first thing to assault your nose is the wonderful aromatics of lemon myrtle, orange and native pepper. On the palate it has a crispness and clarity of flavours. A softness rarely seen in an alcohol spirit.

Single Bottle Price: $88
Dozen Bottle Price $81
Made from grape spirit. Each botanical is separately vapour-distilled and then blended. Made in the tradition of Old Tom with licorice root to provide sweetness. We added cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for a winter spice finishing with warmth from native pepper. Garnish with lemon and sage.

Margaret River

Single Bottle Price: $115.00
Dozen Bottle Price: $95.00

Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon has just arrived, and the team at Five Way Cellars is pretty excited. In the past ten years or so whenever Ian Cook has pulled a few aged Australian Cabernets from the cellar, Moss Wood almost always wins the day. With 10-20 years age they are sublime.

“A fascinating Moss Wood cabernet sauvignon. These are not words I’ve spoken for some time. It may not be the best Moss Wood cabernet in recent years, but it’s the most interesting, both as a wine and as a turn of events. It’s made with cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and petit verdot. Moss Wood cabernet, going way back, taught Australian wine enthusiasts the meaning of the words “superfine tannins”. It’s long been a wine of soft, seductive power, usually to the point where the more structural elements are difficult to discern, like a crow bar buried among a mountain of pillows. Take the crow bar away and the bed seems much the same; though of course it’s not. In recent years I’ve wondered where the crow bar has gone, even though the manchester of oak has never been more opulent. Here though with this 2012 tannin is back in town, assertive now, as if eager to make up for lost time. It feels like a completely different bed. It tastes more or less the same: blackcurrant, cranberry, mulberry and smoky cedar, with the prettiness of violets and the sweet surging seduction of redcurrant adding velocity as much as power. Both the wave and the undertow. It gives the wine an authority that’s been missing. In fruit terms it’s not drowning, it’s saving. It has all the ropes and power and movement. I’m not certain it’s entirely in balance but in the midst of excitement, I’m not certain I entirely care. Rated : 95+”. Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front.


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